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Daisy from Yoga with Daisy also has other businesses. She sells Avon, Arbonne and Tune up Fitness massage balls.

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Avon with Daisy

Avon has expanded and changed over the years. They have moved more towards an online platform, of course paper brochures are still available. You can check out my Facebook page: .  You can shop the ebrochure and my e-store:

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Arbonne with Daisy

I have been using Arbonnes nutrional products for the past year and has helped lose 40lbs from covid times. Arbonne will be sticking around to help me maintain my physical health. I would love to help any of you on your journey. Thanks for being here. 

My website: 

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Tune up fitness 

Many of my yoga classes include 10 minutes of self massage with the Tune up fitness balls. I provide these props for class. With a small investment of $70 a kit, you can take your very own set home. Contact me for more information.

If you want individual balls or have them shipped to you, check out the website:

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